Kral offers precision measuring devices for low temperatures

Austrian fluid handling solutions provider Kral’s precision measuring devices are now capable of operating in temperatures as low as -40°C.

Components and assemblies are tested in cold chambers at temperatures down to -40 °C, and Kral equips its Volumeter devices with electronic sensors that are suitable for such deep temperatures.

Even at measurements in extreme cold the special advantages of the screw measuring method remain when compared to other meter types, such as gear or Coriolis meters.

Screw meters feature a particularly high measuring precision of ±0.1% of the measured value, as well as a measuring range of 1:100.

The wide measuring range allows the passage of wide characteristic curves during functional testing of hydraulic components, including control valves on aircrafts, helicopters, and vehicles.

If a meter with a smaller measuring range is required, for example when using gearwheel meters, the overall measuring range has to be covered by using two different meter sizes.

Such a measuring concept is expensive and increases the error margin of the overall system through the use of two flowmeters instead of one. 

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