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Koch unveils new hollow fibre products for high-solids water and wastewater applications

Koch Membrane Systems (KMS), a developer and manufacturer of membranes and membrane filtration systems, has released a new hollow fibre product line.

The Puron MP ultrafiltration cartridge is designed for high-solids water and wastewater applications, including surface water treatment, reverse osmosis (RO) pre-treatment, and tertiary wastewater treatment. Puron MP simplifies operation, eliminates clarifier pre-treatment in many applications, minimises downtime, and reduces chemical usage to provide a lower total cost of ownership.

The new line fills an important niche within the KMS family of ultrafiltration membranes with an average continuous solids tolerance of up to 250 mg/L. It features an advanced cartridge design for better solids management and a virtually unbreakable reinforced hollow fibre for superior reliability.

The ultrafiltration system features a unique single-potting cartridge design that allows air scouring to penetrate the fibre bundle more completely and release accumulated solids to the bottom where they are drained away.