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KNF launches new solenoid-driven diaphragm pump

KNF has a released a new solenoid-driven liquid transfer pump for the OEM sector, according to a statement from the company.

Named the FL 10, the new pump has a nominal flowrate of 100ml/min. KNF states that the new pump features bi-directional flow tightness without additional check valves, IP 65 protection, simple linear flowrate adjustment, a maintenance-free expected lifetime of 10,000h, and other key cost-saving attributes.

Apparently the FL 10 uses spring tension in the linear solenoid drive to keep it flow-tight in both directions when turned off, in turn making additional check valves unnecessary and helping to reduce costs. The pump has been designed for operation in demanding environments such as wet or dusty areas, with the pump’s IP 65 protection class reducing the need for additional protection.

FL 10 delivers 0 - 100 mL/min against atmospheric pressure and can be operated to 14.5 psig (1 bar). Applicable markets include cleaning and disinfection, inkjet printing, laboratory automation, medical diagnostics, and water analysis.

KNF Neuberger is a leading manufacturer of gas and liquid diaphragm pumps and systems for OEM, benchtop laboratory, and process use.