KNF announces extension to boxer pump line

KNF Neuberger has announced an extension to its line of brushless DC powered NFB boxer pumps with the addition of two new models.

The new NFB 5 and NFB 25 feature low pulsation, gentle transfer of liquids from 5 – 300 mL/min per head, and cost savings thanks to their design and extended product life, KNF says in a release.

The new NFB boxer pumps feature two heads driven by a single motor, resulting in an even flow in parallel connected mode due to the alternating operations of the pump heads.

This feature reduces the need to install additional components to minimize pulsation.

Operating in individual mode, two different liquids can be simultaneously transported, negating the need for a second pump.

Both the NF 5 and NF 25 provide compact design, offering flexible solutions for engineers who face the challenge of integrating pumps into often-shrinking designs.

Driven by adjustable speed brushless DC motors, the pumps offer simple flow rate regulation, helping to reduce lengthy testing.

Flow path materials are available to handle chemically-aggressive fluids.

With diaphragm technology, there is also no contamination from particles shed through abrasion, unlike, for example, with gear pumps.

At atmospheric pressure the NFB 5 delivers 5 – 50mL/min per head; the NFB 25 provides 50 – 300mL/min per head with a maximum permissible pressure for continuous operation at 15 psig.

Both pumps can operated at a maximum 2.7m water of suction height.

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