KMT launches new range of waterjet pumps

KMT Waterjet Systems, a global manufacturer of ultra-high pressure pumps and components for waterjet systems, has announced the availability of its latest product line.

The first release of the KMT Streamline SL-VI Series pumps will be available for delivery in January 2015 with horsepower offerings of 30hp, 40hp and 50hp at the operating pressure of 60,000psi.

KMT Streamline SL-VI Series pumps are an advancement and optimisation of the successful Streamline V Series pumps. The new SL-VI Series pumps will offer enhanced efficiency and productivity with predictable maintenance schedules.

Depending on the application, the Streamline SL-VI Series is a configurable designed waterjet pump that can be custom built based on a variety of options to meet specific requirements.

Key features include enhanced performance with increased intensifier flow rate and the NEMA Premium Motor Design for optimised motor efficiency and reduced electrical consumption. Options available include the Top Cover Guard Interlock Design with Safety Performance Standard PLa rating, 60,000psi redundant topworks, and Power Factor Correction (PFC) to reduce electrical demand and operating costs.

The Streamline SL-VI Series also offers a universal design based PLC and HMI platform used for the control of the intensifier pumps.

The all colour dashboard control panel has universal icons for quick recognition along with pump performance information displayed in multiple languages.

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