Kirloskar Brothers is primary pump provider for water project in Tamil Nadu

Pump manufacturer Kirloskar Brothers Ltd is supplying Vertical Turbine (VT) pumps for the Mettur Surplus Water Scheme in India.
The surplus water scheme is expected to fill water bodies in dry parts of the Salem district, facilitating better use of water for agriculture and drinking.
The scheme is expected to bring around 4,238 acres of agricultural land under irrigation.
It is projected to positively influence the lives of farmers from 40 villages by facilitating the supply of surplus water from 79 lakes for irrigation.
The water from the lakes will be diverted via the Mettur dam into the dry areas in the region.
Surplus water from the Mettur dam will be pumped into 100 lakes in and near the Sarbanga basin in the district.
The company is closely associated as the primary provider of relevant fluid management solutions for the scheme.
Apart from these water irrigations scheme, the company, over the years, has been closely associated with many other important projects in India as well as globally.
This includes powering one of the world's largest pumping schemes for Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited in Gujarat, which provides drinking water to more than 30 million people.

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