Krohne introduces new options for low flow measurement

Germany-based flow measurement solutions provider Krohne has introduced new options for low flow measurement with variable flowmeters.

The new flowmeters include the H250 M40, which is now available for very low flow rates, as well as the purgemeters DK32, DK34 and DK37/M8M, which have been reassessed as SIL2 compliant, according to the company.

The H250 M40 low flow option combines the small measurement cones of the purgemeter DK37 with the wide range of process connections, communication options and Ex-approvals of H250 M40.

It is now suitable for liquid flows starting at 0.16 litres per hour and gas flows starting at 1.6 litres per hour.

The purgemeters DK32, DK34 and DK37/M8M have been re-assessed as SIL2 compliant according to IEC 61508-2:2010 for the versions with NAMUR safety switches, as well as for the NAMUR standard switches.

The SIL compliance includes optional mechanical flow controllers or flange adapters.

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