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Key UK water pipeline reaches half-way point

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A section of a £350 million (€420 million) water pipeline to protect Lincolnshire in the UK from water shortages has reached the halfway point.
Anglian Water said the 24 km link connecting Lincoln and Ancaster will be the first section built of a new network that will create hundreds of kilometres of interconnecting pipelines.
Once completed, it will run from Elsham in North Lincolnshire almost 300km south to Ipswich in Suffolk.
The pipeline, which is part of the company's 25-year resources management plan, is also expected to reduce the number of homes and businesses in the region that rely on a single water source.
The Strategic Pipeline Alliance director for Anglian Water James Crompton, said: "The strategic pipeline is vital in addressing the predicted 'jaws of death' moment for water availability in the east of England – the point at which demand for water greatly outstrips the available supply.
"That point in time is very real and not far into the future.
"Time is of the essence and crucially, we need local planning authorities to work with us to grant the necessary permissions as quickly as possible so we can meet these timescales.
"With 175,000 new homes to be built in the next few years, it is vital we ensure we have resilient infrastructure in place to support local authorities in delivering their local plans."
Engineers anticipate that without the mammoth pipeline, the region would face a staggering water deficit of 30-million litres a day by 2025.