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Keep on pumping

In 1950, a 41-year old engineer in Denmark was determined to solve the age-old problem of manure pumps on dairy farms becoming clogged by straw.
The company he helped establish, Landia, had been making very good quality pumps since 1933, but Christian Oelgaard developed a design with a unique hardened steel chopping system at the inlet that would no longer allow any solids to enter the casing – and thus the Landia Chopper Pump was born.
On the 70th anniversary of the inaugural chopper pump, not even the forward-thinking Oelgaard would have believed just what a wide range of industries would be using his design.
Landia Chopper Pumps have been used in agricultural slurry applications in Denmark and have completed almost a decade of uninterrupted service at oil refineries in Azerbaijan – without requiring any spare parts whatsoever.
Suspended from a crane and pumping through a hose with a length of 20-25m, the Landia Chopper Pumps handle sludge with a viscosity of around 50 centipiose (cP) from the lagoons which have variable depths from 1-4m.
Supplied to leading engineering company,...

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