KBL’s innovative HYPN system tackles demanding water conditions

Kirloskar Brothers Limited’s (KBL) pressure boosting Hydro-Pneumatic (HYPN) system operates successfully at a constant pressure as water demands change.
The HYPN system is a conventional pumping system converted into an automated pumping system.
The system maintains constant pressure and helps eliminate unnecessary functioning of pumps in case of low flow conditions.
The performance of the HYPN system is controlled, smooth, and facilitates energy and water optimisation.
KBL’s energy-efficient HYPN system requires low maintenance and its customised configuration and design ensures its long life - making it one of the most cost-effective pressure-boosting systems globally.
An operational standard pump significantly contributes to operational expenditure in two ways - high energy consumption and high spending on pumps’ maintenance.
The HYPN system helps curb these associated costs by optimising the energy cost through greater control on the supply capacity of liquid, varying it as per user or system demand.
KBL has accomplished further value addition by coupling the HYPN system with remotely accessible smart monitoring devices.
Most pump manufacturers offer only vertical inline multistage pumps in pressure booster applications. However, site conditions may require a different type of pump.
KBL has successfully coupled its pressure boosting technology with a wide range of pumps like inline, end suction, sump pumps, split case pumps and VT pumps.
This ensures the most suitable pump being used yielding the best performance over the entire life of the system.

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