KBL unveils new mini-series pumps

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Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) has launch its latest innovation, the ANIIKA-I and ANISA-I, I HP mini-series pumps.
These state-of-the-art pumps mark a significant advancement in fluid handling technology, catering to the diverse needs of industries and households alike.
The ANNIKA-I and ANISA-I pumps from KBL offer a host of key features.
With a superior Cathodic electro-deposited (CED) coating, these pumps ensure unmatched corrosion resistance and durability in challenging environments.
Operating seamlessly across a wide voltage range, they guarantee consistent performance, even in areas with fluctuating power supply.
Safety is prioritised through the integration of Thermal Overload Protector, preventing overheating and ensuring long-lasting durability.
Additionally, these pumps prioritise safety with robust casing and secure fittings, providing user and infrastructure protection.
Beyond their key features, the ANIIKA-I and ANISA-I pumps are designed for versatile applications, catering to domestic water supply for households, facilitating efficient irrigation in agriculture with their powerful I HP capacity, and proving to be ideal for various industrial processes requiring reliable fluid handling.
Rama Kirloskar, joint managing director at KBL, said: “Kirloskar Brothers Limited has always been at the forefront for using its cutting-edge technology for manufacturing high-end pumps. As part of another progressive step, we have launched ANNIKA – I and ANISA - I, highly efficient pumps for domestic, agriculture and industrial use. They have the most advanced design, which is compact and lightweight, with enhanced safety features.”

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