KBL showcases new generation of energy-efficient pumps

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India-based Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is showcasing  a series of new generation energy-efficient pumps.
KBL’s recently unveiled new generation pumps are  made with advanced technology as these pumps consume less energy for high performance.
“We have been helping farmers’ prosper by producing energy-efficient pumps since the very beginning and will continue to do so in the future as well,” said Rama Kirloskar, joint managing director, Kirloskar Brothers.
“With Kirloskar pumps, the efficiency remains constant for a long period of time and therefore there is no loss in efficiency as observed in the case of generic pumps in the market. Kirloskar pumps help to save energy and reduce farmers' electricity bills by up to 20% compared to other pumps available in the market.”
The submersible range of pumps are capable of drawing water from deep borewells  which means farmers can use these pumps even in case the water table declines below a certain level.
In addition to KBL’s wide range of water filled submersibles, the firm also has an extensive range of oil filled submersibles in the Indian market.
Oil filled submersibles are not as well-known as water filled submersibles.
Oil filled submersibles have a huge advantage over water filled in markets that are plagued by voltage fluctuation.KBL’s submersibles have one of the widest voltage bands ranging from 150 to 240 volts.
A unique feature in KBL’s water and oil filled submersible pumps is the advanced sand-fighter design which is not available in generic pump brands.
When the pump fetches water from sandy borewells, chances of sand being pumped along with the water is very high which reduces efficiency of pumps and increases wear and tear of pump components.
KBL’s advanced sand-fighting arrangement technology prevents sand from entering the pump and hence avoids wear and tear of the pump, prevents pump jamming and results in higher efficiency and longer life of our pumps.

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