KBL introduces new line of its self-priming coupled pumpset

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is now offering its self-priming (SP) coupled pump-set with a new IE5 motor.
This SP coupled pump-set is versatile in use and is most suitable for handling light chemicals, effluents, sewage, handling rain or flood water, pumping water from docks, ports and vessels.
It is also useful for draining accumulated water from basements, parking lots, highways, and cooling water for marine engines, shovels and piling equipment. It consumes up to 16.5% less energy for pumping the same amount of fluid.
Its cast-iron motor body makes the pump-set easy to operate, maintain, and service. The pump is self-priming, thus resulting in a quicker start time.
It offers ultra-premium efficiency with a lower life cycle (LLC) and operating cost.
It is easy to operate, maintain, and service at local levels as there are no permanent magnets, added accessories or control equipment.
With a robust design and high-grade insulation, it is most suited to work under varied field conditions and can withstand extreme power fluctuation, guaranteeing reliability, enhanced equipment safety and longer life.
It has a head range of up to 32 metres and a discharge range of up to 75 litres/sec, and also its high-quality mechanical seal eliminates leakage, ensures lower friction loss and protects the shaft from wear and tear.

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