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JLC International to deliver 1,000 flowmeters to Freepour Beverage Management

JLC International, a Pennsylvania, US-based engineering company, has received an order for 1,000 Titan 300-010 beverage flowmeters from Freepour Beverage Management, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Freepour Beverage Management has over the last few years installed several thousands of the flowmeters in their beverage management systems.

The Beverage Turbine Flowmeter Series 300 by Titan will be shipped by JLC International and installed into Freepour's systems before the end of the year.

With flow ranges up to 15 Lpm, the beverage flowmeters are designed specifically for drink dispensing industries, such as wine and spirits production.

They are the well-suited for metering ultra-pure water and food based products as their wetted component are made completely from non-metallic materials.

The body of the beverage flowmeter is moulded in a choice of thermoplastics (PVDF as standard), while the bearings are made of sapphire for reliability and long service life.

The O-ring seal may be any elastomer but is typically made of Viton.

At the heart of the flowmeters is a precision turbine rotating freely on robust sapphire bearings.

The turbine also has chemical-resistant magnets made of ceramics that are detected by a Hall effect detector through the chamber wall.