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IPM releases new fluid transfer pumps

International Pump Manufacturing, an air operated piston pump manufacturer, has launched new fluid pumps suitable for chemical transfer applications.

The OP300S is a drum length, single tube design that can be used in both 55 gallon drums and IBC tote containers. With a new fluid section seal package and new pump body designed to transfer up to 10 gallons per minute, the OP350 is suitable for larger jobs.

The OP300S, classified as a stubby pump, was designed primarily as a wall mount unit that does not need insertion into the actual drum. Operating with a simple dip tube assembly running from the drum, the OP300S is suitable for spray foam rigs, low ceiling applications and other confined space jobs. Wearable parts and seals can be replaced easily and often without removing the pump from its mounting bracket. This means maintenance and downtime are reduced significantly.

A number of industries use IPM pumps for their operational needs, including:
• Spray foam – polyurethane & polyurea
• Automotive and spray-in bed liner
• Adhesives
• Paint and dyes
• Coatings and finishes
• Marine
• Aerospace
• Chemical house
• Blending house
• Fuels and oils