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Interventek wins repeat business to supply open-water Revolution safety valves

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Aberdeen-based technology specialist Interventek has been awarded a repeat order to supply additional open-water Revolution shear-and-seal valves.
The seven-figure contract comes on the back of Interventek supplying an initial set of the advanced subsea shear-and-seal safety valves in 2020, comprising single and dual cavity variants for Trendsetter Engineering in Houston.
The Revolution valves to be supplied as part of this contract are specified for sour service deployment, with dynamic valve bore components, utilising high strength, corrosion resistant alloys.
They benefit from Interventek’s compact design, which allows integration within more modern, lightweight systems, to enable greater cost and efficiency savings through operational flexibility.
The Revolution valves also separate their internal cutting and sealing components for improved performance, while meeting rigorous API-17G qualification criteria and being suitable for use in challenging subsea environments.
Mike Cargol, vice president of pentals and services at Trendsetter said: “Trendsetter has worked closely with Interventek to achieve our objective of bringing innovation to intervention.
“Interventek’s compact Revolution valves have proved to be the ideal match for our lightweight and modular Trident systems, enabling us to achieve the goal of delivering HPHT intervention solutions while also realising system size and weight reductions of up to 60% when compared to competing systems. The result of this combination is a robust system which can be mobilised rapidly to any geographic region, reconfigured quickly to accommodate hydraulic, riserless light well or open-water risered interventions, and be integrated into a vessel or rig of opportunity with no bespoke modifications. The bottom line is enhanced safety, increased operational efficiency and reduced cost, especially for HPHT applications.”
Interventek’s open-water Revolution valves use the same shear-and-seal technology as the company’s field proven, in-riser safety valves. All products are available in variants to suit a range of system specifications, operational applications and well conditions.