Innovative SEVA released by Badger Meter

Badger Meter, international leaders in the development and manufacture of flow management solutions, have announced the release of its new SEVA (Smart Electric Valve Actuator). Designed to reflect a cost sensitive solution that has best in class features within the electrical actuator market; the SEVA adapts to extreme conditions with its military grade components.  

The SEVA will initially be available in both 100 and 200 pound max thrust models that will have the ability to replace Research Control® valves historical electric actuator offering of the EVA-1, the EVA-100 and the EVA-200.

Badger Meter has designed the SEVA to help customers achieve the highest level of accuracy by implementing a ±0.1% full scale on the new design.    

Designed to minimize the amount of models needed to work with different electrical demands, the SEVA has a universal AC input with voltage protection that will work with 115V AC, 230V AV and 24V DC power supplies.


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