Innovative rotary actuators for all types of applications

At three locations in Germany, HKS develops and produces high-quality rotary actuators such as the successful I-DA-H.
Due to its especially high degree of functionality and precision, this versatile rotary actuator is used worldwide in all industrial areas.
For 50 years, the family-run HKS company has designed hydraulic rotary actuators, actuators, rotary lift combinations, and rack-and-pinion actuators that are suitable for use in industrial sectors such as the manufacture of machinery, automobile manufacturing, construction machinery, power plants, onshore and offshore equipment, and the food processing industry.
All of the products, from concept and design to fabrication and assembly, are manufactured in the production halls of HKS Dreh-Antriebe.
Depending on the respective requirements, HKS specialists can produce series or individual components and develop customer-specific prototypes.
The I-DA-H is the universal actuator made by HKS. It is an advanced development of the hydraulic DA-H rotary actuator.
In contrast to cylinders, rotary actuators do not require external bearing support and can achieve significantly larger swing...

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