Inflatable plugs and bladders for vital network repairs

Pipestoppers is providing a wide range of new inflatable plugs and bladders to prevent blockages in fluid handling networks.
Large Inflatable rubber plugs have been in use in large-scale infrastructure projects since the early 1920s, when they were used in large cities to isolate and empty sewer sections to enable repairs - thus avoiding excavation.
Storm drainage pipelines, sanitary sewer lines and low-pressure underground pipelines do not have valves or spectacle flanges to block fluid flow in the line.
Blocking these lines and permitting access to them without the need for expensive, maintenance-intensive valves and flanges so that the pipeline becomes accessible for inspection, maintenance, or modification proved somewhat difficult.
In addition to the standard range of plugs and bladders, the division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT can also deliver purpose designed models.
Examples include plugs working in high-pressure applications for pipelines in the oil and gas industry, those that are needed for very high temperatures and others needed for caustic environments.
The company manufactures inflatable pipe plugs in sizes 35mm (1.5 in) to 2,000mm (78 in) in diameter.
Their customer base has grown in the nearly 45 years that they have been serving the infrastructure industry and now represents many of its sectors including energy, water and sewer, construction, repair and testing, petrochemical and chemical.

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