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Inever announces new packaging machine for pasty liquids in food industry

Inever has developed the new Inever MVC series, which utilises the latest motion control technology to ensure speed and accuracy in packaging sachets of salad dressings and other pasty liquids.

Filling sachets with thick, pasty liquids at high speeds with accuracy and efficiency is one of the most difficult packaging jobs, with the combination of small size and slow running liquid at the root of this problem.

Inever, a stickpack and sachet machine manufacturer, recently developed a solution to the challenge.

The result is the new MVC series of machines that utilise servo motion control and a new way to fill and seal sachets.

The MVC uses a combination of continuous film motion with an intermittent sealing process to achieve a high rate of production of up to 1,000 sachets per minute for one of the new MVC machines.

The MVC seals the packets on all four sides to ensure package integrity.

MVC series machines use high quality films of up to 100 microns thick, providing a suitable print surface for eye-catching graphics.

The machines are available with 31.5 and 47” film reels.

At the upper end of production speed, the MVC is capable of up to 120 strokes per minute per lane and 1,000 sachets per minute, which give the packaging operation greater efficiency and lower overall cost per packet.