INEOS reduces flow of Forties Pipeline System ahead of repair

INEOS has confirmed in a statement that it has started to progressively reduce the throughput of the Forties Pipeline System (FPS) to 150 million barrels per day, in order to carry out repairs on one of its three processing units at Kinneil.

According to the pipeline operator, an operational issue with the main heater on Train 3 at Kinneil requires immediate repair.

This requires flow reduction through the pipeline, which is being managed by INEOS and its customers and their offshore operations.

In an update on 8 July, INEOS confirmed that Kinneal’s Train 3 had been taken offline and throughout had been reduced to approximately 180 million barrels per day.

Following complete removal of all hydrocarbons from the heater in Train 3, inspectors will be granted access to examine the extent of the repair required.

INEOS anticipates restart of Train 3 by 12 July, and will continue to provide updates on progress.


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