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Improving production with new installation

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Celeros Flow Technology (CFT) has injected new life into a heritage pump for a Canadian heavy oil recovery customer, enabling them to increase production.
The pump – a Mather & Platt BB5 – was more than 40 years old and had been subject to numerous post-installation alterations.


Viscous substance


Heavy oil deposits are extremely viscous and require the injection of high pressure, high temperature steam to improve fluidity and allow the oil to be pumped to the surface.
In order to boost extraction on this project, the customer needed to increase water temperatures from 90° C to 140° C.
However, there were concerns that the existing pump may not be able to deliver this requirement. Nozzle loads were a particular concern.

Preferred supplier

The company turned to CFT brand ClydeUnion Pumps, their preferred supplier of some 20 years, for assistance.

Mather & Platt is one of several heritage pump brands for which CFT offers full lifecycle support.
Their aftermarket...

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