Improving precise measurements of high flows

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Promass Q, a high-tech Coriolis flowmeter line from Endress+Hauser, aims to help end any instrument inaccuracy in the oil and gas industry.
Globally, over 90 million barrels of crude oil, natural gas, and refined hydrocarbons are produced, transported, stored and sold to end users every day.
Promass Q is now available for larger pipes — up to 10 inch (DN 250)—for measuring flow rates up to 18,900 bph (2,400 t/h).
Additionally, the new four-tube technology opens the door to additional applications in the oil and gas industry.
These include high-precision metering for custody transfer, fiscal metering, master metering as a reference device for on-site verification, and more.
In addition to mass and volumetric flow, Promass Q also records process density and temperature.
This enables the incorporation of fluctuating process and ambient conditions into flow measurement, with appropriate compensation, helping achieve tight error bands of ±0.05% for mass flow and ±0.2 kg/m³ for density.
Promass Q flowmeters are available in stainless steel and IP66/67-rated materials, ensuring robust and long-term operation, even in harsh conditions, such as offshore areas with high humidity and salt spray.
Promass Q is rated for process temperatures ranging from –321 °F (–196 °C) to 401 °F (205 °C), with the low-end making Promass Q meters an ideal choice for measuring cryogenic fluids.
By combining Promass Q flowmeters with Proline 300/500 transmitters, plant personnel gain measurement reliability and assurance, in addition to diagnostic visibility, empowering them to optimise operations and increase uptime.
For more information, check out Proline Promass Q flowmeters and Proline transmitters on the web.

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