Improving efficiency and cutting emissions

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A recent move to further reduce emissions caused by excessive energy consumption has seen the Norwegian government offering funding to companies that lessen their contribution to CO2 and NOx figures.
One oil facility took the opportunity to rerate two condensate export pumps, which would not only reduce energy consumption but also optimise performance for the remaining life of the well.

Optimising performance

Pump retrofits involve the upgrade or modernisation of existing equipment to improve reliability, increase efficiency, take advantage of modern materials or, as in this case, adjust for a change in the process.
This is a cost-effective alternative to replacing equipment and can also save a considerable amount of time.
Originally commissioned in 2001, the oil platform in the North Sea had been in production for nearly 20 years.
Over this time the application profile of the pumps had changed, and some had become less efficient, while others were beginning to exhibit increased vibration due to low flow conditions.

Reducing costs

The owners of the facility...

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