Improvements to ensure smooth water flow to Welsh reservoir

Wentwood Reservoir is to undergo further essential work to ensure it continues to capture and store water safely for years to come.
The work, to improve the reservoir’s structure and to better manage the flow of water to the reservoir, was identified by Welsh Water in the UK following initial work the company carried out to the reservoir in 2019.
The new work will be carried out in two phases. The first phase, which began on 10 May, will focus on making improvements to the structure of the dam.
The second phase of work will begin later in the year and will focus on making improvements to help manage the control and flow of the water to the reservoir.
Welsh Water’s sub-programme manager, Rhys Hellin, said: “As a company, we are committed to ensuring we keep all of our reservoirs in the best condition which help us provide a first-class water service and protects our valuable environment. After completing our previous investment work, we identified some further work that needed to be carried out in line with industry legislation. Once this work has been successfully completed, we will aim to allow the reservoir to refill naturally.
“We always want to make sure our customers know what we are doing when we are working in their community, so we have written to residents to tell them about the work and updated our website with the latest information.”

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