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IMI Precision Engineering unveils new plug-and-play miniature valve

IMI FAS 6.5mm Flexisol valve
IMI FAS 6.5mm Flexisol valve

IMI Precision Engineering has expanded its valve product offering with the addition of the new IMI FAS 6.5mm Flexisol, a direct acting two-way or three-way valve.

Developed to deliver optimum performance and all-round efficiency and designed for compact environments and easy installation, Flexisol incorporates a host of functional and practical features.

With a footprint of 6.5mm, it has the flow characteristics of an 8mm valve, and lasts up to 50 million life cycles.

Its small size and low power consumption means that it can be easily integrated with many portable medical devices and analytical instrumentation, providing a flow factor of up to 0.26kv.

Flexisol’s small size enables customers to utilise its performance capabilities in portable handheld applications.

The valve has been designed for various demanding applications such as sensor calibration in gas leak detectors, anesthesia machines, and non-invasive blood pressure monitors, and is validated according to international standards for thermal, shock, and vibration testing.

Fabrizio Maspero, product marketing manager at IMI Precision Engineering, said: “The Flexisol valve represents a breakthrough in performance and integration. This valve is the smallest of its kind in the IMI FAS range, combining unique features and unmatched flow to size ratio.”

“With only one fixation screw and a direct connection to PCB, avoiding any soldering, the mechanical connection is simplified, whereas the electrical connector is directly connected to the PCB. Flexisol can be seen as a plug-and-play valve, which can be mounted and connected in a few seconds,” he added.

The IMI FAS range offers a comprehensive portfolio of globally acclaimed miniature fluid control solutions which provide successful, consistent performance at the heart of demanding applications.

IMI FAS is focused on miniature solenoid valve technology for 6.5mm and 32mm valve applications.

IMI FAS 6.5mm Flexisol valve