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IMI Precision Engineering introduces first smart solenoid valve for integrated PST

IMI Precision Engineering has created the first smart solenoid valve to fully integrate the two main types of intelligent partial stroke testing systems.

The new IMI Maxseal ICO4-PST smart solenoid valve is aimed at providing a no-compromise solution for partial stroke testing (PST) by combining positioners and electronic systems.

PST has long been used within the oil and gas industry to prove the functionality of final element assemblies for safety systems, allowing operators to demonstrate the performance levels of emergency shutdown valves.

However, both of the primary methods of PST have certain drawbacks which led IMI to investigate an alternative solution which would combine the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses of both, while providing high-level diagnostics with position, time, and pressure monitoring.

The ICO4-PST is the first of its kind to integrate the termination housing of the positioner solution with the control mechanism of the electronic system.

This structure creates a high-integrity solenoid valve with the lowest safe and dangerous failure rates of any intelligent PST on the market, IMI says.

Its dual-override mechanism eliminates the possibility of over-stroke, while the high flow rate (flow coefficient up to 6.0) reduces the requirement for quick exhaust valves, pilot valves, and boosters.

This simplicity of engineering makes ICO4-PST well-suited for retrofit applications and its flexibility means it can be easily configured for specific environmental and application requirements.

Compatible with valve speeds from two to 120 seconds, ICO4-PST is also capable of operating across a wide temperature range of -40-60°C and can be designed to 1oo1, 1oo2, 2oo2, or 2oo3 solenoid configurations.

Richard Harvey, business development manager at IMI the company is aware of the challenges faced by operators in the oil and gas industry and developed the ICO4-PST to answer these challenges.

‘ICO4-PST is customisable for a variety of applications as it is compatible with ball, butterfly, gate, globe, and HIPPS valves, and is also attuned to a wide range of actuator types including pneumatic, spring return, and quarter turn,’ Harvey says.