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IMI extends low temperature capability in pressure control applications

IMI Precision Engineering has introduced the J50 spring loaded regulator, which delivers swift and accurate control of outlet pressures in challenging and extreme environments.

The J50 range is able to operate safely from -50 to 150°C and provides a wide range of outlet pressure options, high environmental corrosion resistance, and options for pressure tracking.

The regulator is well-suited for applications involving valve automation, compressor packages, pressure test rigs, fire control systems, saturation dive systems, gas distribution and mixing, and piloting applications.

Josh Freeman, business development manager for high pressure products at IMI, said the J50 offers “exceptional pressure control” in a wide range of process critical fluid control applications and often in an array of aggressive environments.

“The lower temperature capability at -50°C is particularly useful for our customers working in challenging applications in the Caspian Sea, China and northernmost USA, where the ambient temperature can drop below the minimum working temperature of most pressure regulators for up to three months of the year,” Freeman said.