IFAT 2018: Vogelsang showing XRipper twin-shaft grinder

(via IFAT)
(via IFAT)

Vogelsang will be exhibiting its shredding technology at the IFAT trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials in Munich this May. At booth 347/446 in hall B1, the focus will be on the new generation of the twin-shaft grinder XRipper.

“Wet wipes, disruptive matter and in some countries, mounds of fat, block pumps and entire channels. This poses major challenges to those in charge of the systems,” says managing director Harald Vogelsang.

The one-piece Ripper rotors are produced from a single piece and the support shaft is no longer required.

The company says that, without the support shaft, servicing and exchanging the one-piece Ripper rotors is easy, as only two rotors have to be replaced. For this purpose, the central functional unit (consisting of motor, gearbox, Ripper rotors and counter bearing) is pulled upwards out of the XRipper housing. Individual components can then be replaced on site.

“Despite the new design, the one-piece Ripper rotors remain extremely robust and efficient,” says Vogelsang.

It adds that, due to the bending strength of the one-piece Ripper rotors, an intermediate bearing for stabilisation is no longer required and its lubrication is no longer necessary.

As well as the grinder, the company’s new Performance Control Unit enables intelligent networking of the various components in a wastewater system. This enables data to be collected and evaluated and appropriate measures to be initiated on the basis of simulation results.

(via IFAT)