Hydranautics launches new CPA7 series and ESPA2-LD MAX RO membranes

Hydranautics has announced the launch of the CPA7 series of RO membranes for municipal and industrial fluid treatment: the CPA7-LD-4040, CPA7-LD and CPA7 MAX.

The CPA7 membranes offer a combination of high rejection and high flow capability in a brackish water RO element. These membranes are suited to industries where high-purity water is imperative.

The variants using LD Technology are available in 4 and 8 inch (101.6 and 203.2mm) diameters. The CPA7 MAX membrane has a 440 square foot (40.9 square meter) active membrane surface area which the company says reduces capital costs by requiring fewer pressure vessels and lesser floor space.

Hydranautics has also expanded its range of membrane separation elements by introducing the ESPA2-LD MAX which offers a 440 square foot membrane area while utilising a 34mil (0.8636mm)  thick feed spacer.

According to Hydranautics, the ESPA2-LD MAX offers two benefits: maximised energy savings in capex due to a reduced number of membrane elements and increasing plant capacity by 10% by replacing standard 400 square foot membranes with ESPA2-LD MAX.

All membranes of the CPA7 series and the ESPA2-LD MAX offer chemical resistance and a spacer design with a patented vented seal carrier. These membranes can be used in the treatment of difficult feed waters for numerous municipal and industrial applications.

Hydranautics is a part of the Japanese diversified materials manufacturer, Nitto Group. Hydranautics offers membrane solutions like reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration for water, wastewater and process treatment and applications.

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