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Hurricane Ida hits US pipeline supplies and disrupts operations

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Colonial Pipeline said it would temporarily halt fuel deliveries to certain parts of the US due to Hurricane Ida.
The largest petroleum products pipeline in the US said it was ceasing deliveries from Houston, Texas, to Greensboro, North Carolina, due to ferocity of the hurricane.
With winds of up to 150 mph, the hurricane has forced up to 1 million people to evacuate their homes in the state of Louisiana.
The pipeline operator, which carries nearly half the fuel consumed along the US East Coast, said supplies would continue to be available at its terminals throughout the south-east of the country.
Colonial said it expected to resume full services as soon as it was safe to do so, Reuters reported.
Hurricane Ida prompted US Gulf of Mexico oil operators to shut about 95% of crude production on August 29, while refineries that produce petroleum and jet fuel along the Gulf Coast are shuttering plants or reducing production due to the intensity of the storm.