Hundreds of delegates descend on Düsseldorf for Valve World

Picture by Andrew Sigamany
Picture by Andrew Sigamany
Valve World is currently taking place in Germany with 385 exhibitors from 29 countries occupying some 12,000 square metres of net exhibition space.
The players in the industrial fittings and valve sectors will demonstrate that not only are their products indispensable to the industry as a whole, but also that their production is sustainable in terms of energy efficiency and resource savings.
The event is being held at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre from 29 November to 1 December.
Fluid Handling magazine was represented at the event by our advertising manager Andrew Saigamany.
The popular fair for industrial valves will include innovation platforms, industry meeting points and will help visitors to establish contacts with suppliers and customers with purchasing and decision-making.
High-pressure valves are needed in measurement and control technology in various industries. This also comprises chemical and petrochemical plants and the crude oil and natural gas industry.
The world’s water demand also continues to grow - in households, in agriculture and in industry. Drought is also a problem in many countries, due to climate change. Therefore crucial infrastructure needs intelligent valve technology in order to use water sustainably.
The energy sector is also one branch of the economy that is undergoing a dramatic revolution. Fitting and valve technology plays a key role in using current energy sources efficiently and seeking out alternative technology.
Picture by Andrew Sigamany

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