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Humphrey unveils new line of iDP liquid valves

Humphrey Products, a US-based fluid handling producer, is targeting its new range of iDP liquid valves at the medical and analytical markets.

The company’s new products are a series of inert media separation valves, specifically designed for aggressive liquids and gases.

According to Humphrey, the 300 and 350 Series iDP models are efficient 2-port valves constructed of material suitable for bodily fluids, aggressive chemicals and cleaners, and elevated liquid temperatures.

The flexing diaphragm-poppet isolates media from the solenoid within an inert body material, the company said.

The valves were developed and marketed by South Bend Controls for several years, and moved to Nogales, Mexico when they were acquired by Curtiss-Wright. After Humphrey acquired the products in 2015, the manufacturing moved to Humphrey's Kalamazoo, Michigan facility.