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How to maintain your seals during periods of no use

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It is vital to check your seals constantly whether the machinery is being used or not.
Especially during periods of no use, this is the perfect time to check your seals for any signs of damage and wear that you may need to address. It’s important to do this as seal failures can lead to equipment problems which may be detrimental to your equipment and business.
Whether you deal with hydraulic or pneumatic seals such as wiper seals, they must be able to withstand a range of environments and practises such as extreme temperatures, high pressures, chemicals and contamination.
In this article, we will give you some tips on what to watch out for when looking for problems in your seals and how to maintain your seals during a period when they are not being used.

Proper storage

If a seal is in a period of no use, storing them properly can prevent future failure. Properly storing seals includes putting the seals and their hardware in a cool environment. You must also disassemble the seals and sort each part individually, making sure not to store seal faces together as they could end up losing their flatness.
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