How to avoid failing equipment

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In the UK biogas industry, where numerous plants are failing, customers and suppliers must put an end to the blame-game and start working together.
According to a long-established manufacturer of pumps and mixers for biogas/AD digesters, failing plants are a bad hangover in the UK for customers who were mis-sold equipment that was never going to be suitable for feedstocks that are different from that in most parts of Europe.
“At the moment,” said Paul Davies from Landia, “these failing plants mean that everyone is a loser.
“Take a farmer, for example, who has made a major investment in an AD plant. He knows all there is to know about cows and grass, but initially needs expertise in helping make his biogas plant work. He’s understandably unhappy because his biogas plant is an absolute pain and not working properly. Those who financed it aren’t happy because the plant isn’t making any money. The equipment suppliers aren’t happy because it’s not working properly.

‘What we need is someone to take responsibility’

He added: “The farmer blames the process provider, but they point out that a...

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