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Hoses for pressure situations

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When looking to replace an industrial hose, it is important to remember that a “one size fits all” solution does not exist. Different materials are suitable for different uses and the same goes for designs.
Selecting the right product is crucial for the success of businesses as using the wrong type of hose can result in disruption to your chain of distribution or, even worse, pose a health hazard.
To help make a more informed decision when selecting hoses, it is important to differentiate between gas hoses and air hoses. Although similar, the two have unique requirements that can only be satisfied by using the correct type of hose.

Air hoses

Commonly used to convey compressed air, these hoses must be able to withstand high pressures when handling air for pneumatic systems.
Employed by a variety of industries, including agriculture, construction and mining, air hoses have the important task of powering equipment by maintaining air pressure at a stable level, which can vary depending on the operation they are being used for.
To prevent possible damage or leakage, air hoses are often used in conjunction...

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