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Hopes fade for five missing workers days after German blast

An aerial view of the site before the blast
An aerial view of the site before the blast
German rescue teams are still searching for missing workers following the explosion at a chemical park on July 27.
At least two people were killed and 31 others injured in the blast at the Chempark site in the city of Leverkusen.
In a statement from Currenta, three people were "seriously" injured in the blast while five people remained missing.
"My thoughts go to the injured and their relatives. The search for the missing is still going on at full speed. Unfortunately, the hope of finding them alive is fading,” said the site operator's manager Lars Friedrich.
The CEO of Currenta Frank Hyldmar added: “We have to assume that the missing people can no longer be found alive.”
The explosion happened at a waste incineration plant and its cause is currently being investigated.
It appears that a storage tank of solvents had caught fire before the explosion. Around 360 emergency services staff were deployed to assist local authorities in the unfolding emergency.
Local fire services said they had been testing the air throughout the city for toxins in the aftermath of the explosion but since then the area has been given the all-clear.
An aerial view of the site before the blast