Honeywell supplies cryogenic equipment to gas processing plant

(Flickr/Bilfinger SE)
(Flickr/Bilfinger SE)

The products are designed to fit together easily and quickly while addressing the distinct needs of customers.

On 13 March, Honeywell announced that it had won a contract to supply Cardinal Midstream’s Iron Horse Gas Processing Complex with its UOP Russell modular cryogenic equipment. The equipment will be used to process 200 million standard cubic feet (5.6 million cubic metres) per day of natural gas at the Grady County, Oklahoma, facility.

Cryogenic gas processing plants cool natural gas until the heavier and more valuable natural gas liquids (NGLs) form. These liquids (including propane, ethane and butanes) can be used as fuels, fuel-blending components and other valuable petrochemicals.

The modular design of the equipment is meant to reduce project schedules and deliver a custom gas-specific plant with proven uptime and reliability.

“We’re delivering a customized plant to match the rich feed gas composition in the basin, while the high NGL recovery helps Cardinal be more competitive in capturing contracts from producers,” said Craig Ranta, UOP Russell business director at Honeywell.

Honeywell says that its pre-engineered modular equipment can be adapted to meet customer specifications. The equipment is designed to fit together easily in order to reduce construction time and expense, as well as to enhance reliability during operation.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Cardinal Midstream was founded in 2008 and focuses on a number of activities around natural gas and crude oil. These include natural gas processing, centralised compression facilities and vapour recovery.

(Flickr/Bilfinger SE)