Honeywell introduces new system to detect gas leaks

Honeywell has launched a gas cloud imaging (GCI) system in Europe to provide automated and continuous monitoring for gas leaks at oil and gas, chemical and power generation facilities.
Reducing gas emissions such as methane from hydrocarbon operations is one the most cost-effective and impactful methods to help reach global climate and environmental goals, according to the International Energy Agency.
Part of the Honeywell Rebellion gas cloud imaging product portfolio, the Mini GCI system is a compact device designed for congested areas and small sites, which is ideal for many facilities in Europe.
The Mini GCI systems can be placed throughout an industrial facility to continuously monitor for gas leaks and provide alerts as soon as they occur.
The system, powered by proprietary hyperspectral gas analytics using artificial intelligence, provides facility operators with an easy-to-interpret colored visualisation of the gas plume type, location, direction, size and concentration.
“To help address global climate change, energy companies are establishing goals to effectively manage methane emissions,” said Renaud Mazarguil, president of Honeywell’s gas analysis and safety business. “Deploying Honeywell’s gas cloud imaging system allows companies to continuously and accurately monitor for significant methane leaks and quickly prioritize repairs. Installing GCI devices can also help address the goals set forth in the European Commission’s methane strategy.”
Honeywell’s gas cloud imaging system has been deployed by more than 25 major energy and chemicals customers globally.

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