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HMD Kontro offers new sealless pump range

The new HMD Kontro CSA and CSI range of sealless pumps offer total containment - eliminating potentially dangerous leaks.
The pumps are essential for handling hazardous, toxic or hot substances and preventing the loss of high value product.
Sealless pumps are playing an ever-greater role in meeting the challenge of transferring high volumes of hazardous chemicals and other liquids in maximum safety. In some cases more stringent regulations and local regulatory agencies are mandating their use.
The new pump design allows for easy on site replacement, servicing and maintenance without the need for hot working or specialist tools, minimising production downtime and disruption.
The ease of interchangeability helps cut lead times and results in much more efficient management of the spare parts inventory.
The containment shell can be provided either in metal or as HMD Kontro’s ZeroLoss format, which increases resistance against system upsets and saves energy.
A fully contained casing gasket further improves safety by eliminating the risk of blowouts, dangerous and potentially costly where unexpected breakdowns occur.