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Hitachi unveils smallest multi-level IGBT drive in its class

Japanese technology company Hitachi has introduced the Hivectol-HVI-E2 Series to expand its product line of Hivectol-HVI medium voltage multi-level IGBT drives.

By adopting an all-in-one structure, the E2 Series has been designed to be light and compact, thereby increasing the flexibility of installation, and improving efficiency in transport, installation, and maintenance operations.

The unit is also Internet of Things compatible, being equipped with data gathering and communication functions.

The drives are targeted at a broad range of fields throughout the world, including chemical, water treatment, iron and steel, and cement plants.

Space needed to install the E2 Series is reduced by approximately 30% compared to existing models by adopting optimum parts mounting technologies and cooling design technologies, making it possible to install the drive even in locations where space is limited.