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High pressure pipe couplings from Dual Valves Australasia

Dual Valves Australasia offers pipe couplings designed specifically for high pressure mining pipelines.

The Hydrocore U-Cone coupling offers mine engineers a simple and economical alternative to traditional flanges for use on high pressure pipe systems.

Pipes are joined by bringing the ends of the pipe with welded hubs together after inserting the seal, fitting the clamp set over the adjoining hubs and tightening the clamp bolts.

The external tapers on the hubs provide alignment while the clamp set pulls the hubs together, forming a simple but effective seal which comparable to similar rated conventional flange systems.

Assembly and stripping times are faster than conventional flanges - the number of bolts to be tightened on U-Cone pipe couplings is far less than the number of bolts on a standard comparable flange system – e.g.: a U-Cone DN100 250 Bar (25Mpa) rated coupling uses two bolts – whereas a similar rated flange (ANSI/ASME B16.5 Class 1500#) would use eight bolts.

Storage/transportation costs are lower due to smaller footprint occupied by pipes with welded hubs compared to pipes with welded flanges. Flange diameters are larger than hub diameters.

Hubs can be supplied full bore, with metallurgy to ensure weld compatibility with the pipe used, and are supplied prepared for standard butt welding to all pipes.

Features and specifications:

Clamps are cast steel BS3100 Gr. 2 or equivalent as standard, with optional coatings available.
Hubs are St52 as standard, with other alloys available upon request for weld compatibility with the pipe system used.
Bolts used are Gr.8.8 or higher, electro-galvanised as standard.
Designed and tested per ASME B31.3 and ANSI/ASME VIII.
Available in various sizes with standard pressure ratings from 64 bar up to 250 bar (25Mpa):
100 bar (10MPA) rated: DN50 to DN500
160 bar (16Mpa) rated: DN50 to DN400
250 bar (25Mpa) rated: DN50 to DN300.