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High flow nozzle for over-wing and helicopter refuelling

Elaflex presents the ZVF 50, a manual (non-automatic) high flow nozzle for over-wing and helicopter refuelling of JET and AVGAS fuels.

After several years of development and field tests Elaflex commenced deliveries of the nozzle to customers in March 2015.

The ZVF 50 is in alignment with the requirements of the JIG document.

The nozzle is of a modular, ergonomic design and weighs 2,7kg.

A full 2" bore ensures a low pressure-drop and high flow rate of up to 400l/min.

The sensitive flow control allows easy top-up, even at small volumes, and the lever re­quires a hold-open force of less than 75% by using the LeverAssist technology.

The new screw-in-connection system enables an easy spout change without using tools or compro­mising safety, with JET-spouts that that can be rotated to a required position.

Additionally, the nozzle can be delivered with an opti­onal Push-Twist-Lock function for an even quicker spout change and strainer control.

The ZVF 50 is also available as LT versions, for temperatures between -40°C and 55°C.