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Hidrostal pumps installed in AD plant at UK dairy farm

The UK distributor for Swiss pump manufacturer Hidrostal has supplied pumps to a dairy farm in Devon for its onsite anaerobic digestion (AD) plant.

Located near Plymouth Langage Farm was extended into a creamery in 1980 and then developed to include an AD plant in 2011. The farm is reportedly the first dairy company in the UK to have a farm, manufacturing unit and anaerobic digester on one site, which allows processes to work in a fully closed loop cycle.

Langage’s AD plant produce digestate to fertilise soil, which improves grazing quality in pastures and results in increased milk yield for the dairy farm. The waste is then used to fuel the AD plant.

Hidrostal supplied 11 pumps to Langage when the AD plant first began operations in 2011. This includes three hard iron 9kW immersible pumps for digester grit and waste removal, three ATEX rated hard iron pumps for skimming, and two smaller pumps for passing waste digestate.

“The unique nature of the Hidrostal screw centrifugal pumps has served the demanding applications of the Langage Farm AD plant well since 2011,” said Gary Jones, technical director of Langage AD.  “With a bit of routine maintenance these pumps have proven to be very reliable working in a tough environment.”

The pumps have been operating continuously at the AD plant for the past eight years, requiring only routine maintenance.