HFT’s solution to weld purging problems

Weld purging large diameter pipework made from stainless, duplex and chrome steels, titanium or zirconium can be expensive, with requirements to have the oxygen level well below 100 ppm during the welding cycle.
As it is not cost effective to completely fill pipework with expensive inert gas, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) has developed QuickPurge Systems to dramatically reduce the space that needs to be purged.
Ron Sewell, chairman of HFT, said: “Welders can often spend up to half a day purging pipes, which will cost a considerable amount in time and gas costs.
“With the help of QuickPurge, large diameter pipes can be purged down to 100 ppm ready for welding in just a short time. The dramatic savings in time and argon pay for the system in just one weld.”
HFT’s innovative design of the reusable system means that zero colour welds will be achieved and there will be no loss of corrosion resistance caused by oxidation.
QuickPurge has an additional gas input line, which means extra purge gas can be introduced for applications such as this, thereby achieving a much faster purge, down to the lowest oxygen levels, which is perfect for larger diameter pipes where quality welds are required.
All systems are manufactured as standard with a hose for connecting a Weld Purge Monitorto, which can read oxygen levels down to as low as 10 ppm depending on the model.
For pre-heated chrome steel and high strength stainless steel pipe joints, HFT design and manufactures the HotPurge range for a higher and longer temperature exposure.

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