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Helping to improve efficiencies

ABB’s new digital flowmeter verification tool is helping Selwood Pumps ensure its customers can count on accurate measurement of pumped flows in their applications.
Reducing verification testing to just minutes, the new tool enables the company to quickly and easily verify the accuracy of flowmeters used in its packaged pumping systems between hires.
Selwood Pumps, one of the leading pump rental solutions companies in the UK, uses ABB’s WaterMaster flowmeters as part of its packaged pumping solutions that are rented to customers across a wide range of industries.
The company carries out a verification of each flowmeter both before and after every customer rental to ensure that it is within its original calibrated specification such that the next customer can have confidence that their flows are being accurately measured.
Selwood was originally using ABB’s VeriMaster verification system, which consists of a software package that tests key parameters such as resistance and voltage to check flowmeter sensor and transmitter calibration.
The VeriMaster system uses an infra-red scanner, which is attached to the flowmeter transmitter and...

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