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Heavy duty chopper pumps for industrial process applications

T-T’s range of heavy duty chopper pumps has been designed to tackle the tough industrial processes.

The ETO, ETV, and PTS ranges of heavy duty chopper pumps have a double chopping system to ensure chopping of solids prior to pumping, which enables high efficiency due to the anti-clogging action.

The first chopping system consists of two chrome steel blades secured on the body inlet, acting in contrast to a spiral conveyor made from high grade cast iron and fitted to the motor shaft.

The second chopping system consists of a shear cutting plate in special high grade cast iron, with the cutting edges of the high grade impeller maximising the cutting action against the cutting plate.

With a maximum speed of 2900rpm, this is the only chopping system that operates at over 170 cuts per second, according to T-T.

Each pump in the range is well-suited for particularly heavy applications that require preliminary chopping of suspended solids in the liquid being pumped.

The PTS range is a submersible heavy duty chopper pump, while the ETO is an electric horizontal version that is mounted on a frame and coupled with a standard electric starter motor through a flexible coupling, and the ETV is a vertical option of the chopper pump range.

The ETO, ETV and PTS ranges are available with a Nitec anti-corrosive coating for protection against aggressive liquids, making them a suitable choice for industrial applications.