Hayward releases new CPVC high-accuracy level sensor for corrosive liquids

Hayward Flow Control has released ae new high-accuracy HLS level sensor line that is not affected by foaming, waves, or head space vapours.

With a complete CPVC housing and construction, the HLS is well-suited for corrosive fluids and environments where metals cannot perform.

The HLS level sensor measures hydrostatic pressure and converts the reading to an analogue 4-20mA signal, which can be displayed on a wide range of indicating transmitters or taken directly into a PLC.

The sensor’s all CPVC housing features FPM or EPDM seals, and it comes with a large ceramic diaphragm that ensures accuracy and repeatability.

The cable entry into body is triple-sealed, and the PFA-coated cable, available in 30ft and 49ft lengths as standard, offers superior chemical compatibility.

The sensor is capable of handling 0-15ft and 0-33ft water measurement ranges and 0.25% accuracy full scale.

Additional accessories and options from Hayward for the HLS series include moisture protection volume, NEMA 4X enclosures, ceramic sink weights for high specific gravity fluids, and the new HLST200 indicating level transmitter with configurable display and separate temperature channel.

Typical applications or installations include, but are not limited to, waste and water treatment, chemical storage, transfer and processing, sump level control, cooling towers, chlorination systems, aquatic and animal life support systems, and metal plating and surface finishing.

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