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Hansa-TMP develops compact axial piston pump at its new research centre

Hansa-TMP, an Italian hydraulics company, has released the TPV 1500 variable displacement closed loop axial piston pump, developed at the company’s new Mechatronics Research Centre.

The TPV 1500 series pumps feature displacement of 17-21cm3/n and a peak pressure of 400 bar, making one of the top performers in its categoty, Hansa-TMP says.

The high pressure and displacement capabilities enable the pump to operate in difficult conditions, such as on steep slopes or extreme temperatures in construction or mining industries.

The pump’s external and internal designs, created as a result of a software-based structural study and digital simulations, enable it to withstand these high pressures while also providing noiseless operation.

Pumping power and strength of the TVP 1500 are controlled by an integrated feedback control and a full range of on-board electronic sensors, such as pressure, speed/RPM, and swash plate angle sensors.

The control and sensors suites can be customised to application-specific needs to ensure maximum safety.

By utilising a ‘back-to-back’ structure with central distribution line, the TPV 1500 series achieves compact dimensions, being 170,5mm long with the tandem pump 285mm long.

The pumps is able to increase uptime and endure challenging working conditions, and the high pressure level allows the downsizing of power transmission components, reducing the pump’s size and guaranteeing up to 8% lower fuel and energy consumption.

The pump was developed at Hansa-TMP’s new Mechatronics Research Centre (MRC), based in Modena, Italy, which makes use of advanced software from the development of the project’s concept up to fluid simulations and prototype production.

The facility’s hi-tech testing benches ensure a direct power of 150Kw and with regenerative system 230Kw, and they are equipped with sensitive software and sensors for input analysis at a frequency is 0,1mil/sec.

These features, customised to reduce the time it takes for a product to get to the market, ensure cost-effective production and the highest level of quality maintained throughout all the production cycles.

Hansa-TMP products are certified to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.