Halma acquires leak detection company Sensit Technologies

Technology group Halma has enhanced its gas detection capabilities with the acquisition of Sensit Technologies, a gas detection company based in the US state of Indiana.

Sensit manufactures products that enable natural gas utilities to detect leaks in pipes, reducing the impact of climate change by minimising methane emissions, protecting workers in the industry, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

The company’s technologies are also used in emergency response situations by firefighters entering burning buildings to ensure they do not face explosion risk from leaking natural gas.

According to Halma, Sensit will become part of the company’s Process Safety sector, and will continue to be led by its existing management team from its current location.

"Sensit enhances Halma’s gas detection capabilities, with its strong market position and technological capabilities in the natural gas leak detection market,” commented Andrew Williams, CEO of Halma. “Its growth is supported by tightening safety and environmental regulatory standards, which protect communities and workers from hazards, and minimise climate change impacts. We look forward to working with its management team and continuing its strong track record of growth supported by Halma’s strategic Growth Enablers.”

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